Padmasambhava Centre

for Charitable Activities

The Padmasambhava Centre for Charitable Activities is a registered organization formed by a group of like-minded people who believe in reaching out with a helping hand wherever help is needed.

Our Inspiration

Padmasambhava also means "born of the lotus flower". Padma or the lotus flower rises from the fetid and murky depths of a stagnant muddy pond towards the sun and reveals its pure, sublime beauty in full glory.

It symbolizes the true potential of each soul to rise above the mud of our problems, delusions attachments and karma towards the divine light of spiritual evolution.

The source of this inspiration is the legendary being, Padmasambhava Rinpoche, who embodies the cosmic timeless principles of boundless compassion, protection and wisdom. His special quality is his power to give his blessings instantly to whoever prays to him, and whatever is prayed for, he has the power to grant the wish immediately.

Each individual member of the team comprising PCCA  has personally experienced his blessings in their hour of need repeatedly. This organization is an attempt to express their gratitude to him as well as offer their services as a channel, to extend help for alleviating the suffering of other sentient beings.


Featured Projects

Light of Education
Supporting students and providing scholarships

Light of Education is an endeavor of PCCA in association with Bhuniakhali Gram Bikash Kendra, East Medinipur.

PCCA in last 4 years has supported 54 students from socio-economically underprivileged background of East & West Mednipur, Bankura to continue their studies despite all odds.

Pursuing Higher Secondary and Graduation courses, these students aspire to be future Medical students, Nurse, Engineers, Teachers and Agriculturists.

Feed the Hungry
Nutrition program for underprivileged athletes

PCCA sponsored food supplement to 50 children in association with the local NGO.

These children do not get proper nutrition at home to continue their practice every day. The project supported low cost nutrition supplement to 50 children each day after practice in 2019-20.

In another initiative, PCCA supported hot mid day meal to 25 children of a play school ,Moner Unmesh, run by a local NGO in West Medinipur in 2019-2020 till lockdown.  

Health and medical support

In last 10 years, PCCA supported sixty (60) individuals with hospitalization and surgical support to cope with the financial burden of the families and reduce open market debts at high rates of interest. In almost all cases patients have recovered well and returned to their normal life.

In most of the cases primary bread earner of the family has been supported so that the loss to the family is less. Children are future of the community and supporting them in case of life threatening diseases has supported their families in meeting their expenses.

Objects of the Trust

The registered Deed of the Padmasambhava Centre for Charitable Activities lists the following objectives for which the Trust has been established, which shall be carried out without any discrimination of caste, religion, creed or sex:

• To provide for items of food and clothing to the poor and needy
• To aid by way of donations for relief to the poor
• To provide for food and clothes for differently-abled individuals
• To provide Pranic Healing services
• To supply medicines for animal welfare
• To conduct activities for preservation of environment
• To try to protect wildlife and plant trees to reduce pollution
• To perform meditation activities
• To maintain a reading library of various books
• To aid in advancing any other object of general public utility

Stress Management Workshop and Sessions

PCCA has organized stress management and  meditation workshops at various places including schools, for over 850 students.

Livelihood Support

In the last 2 years, PCCA supported  individuals in Kolkata urban slums with rickshaw van for vegetable vending business and e-rickshaw to start anew with their business. 

Relief, Support & Social Protection

During the lockdown, PCCA supported more than 500 families from low income groups in and around Kolkata with dry ration kits and daily essentials to cope with emergencies. Ten technicians of a theatre group were supported with cash for dry rations.

Cha-Ghar of Anjali

PCCA supported Anjali, Mental Health Rights organization towards their project Cha-Ghar which is Anjali’s first livelihood project in a government mental health hospital. The vision behind Cha Ghar was to enable financial and social independence of women abandoned in these hospitals. It was also to break age-old stigma and discrimination faced by people with mental health conditions and visibilise their capacity by integrating them into a public space. In 2020-21 PCCA funded some seed capital and recurring cost of their revamped Cha-Ghar for better functioning of the enterprise. 

Bodhipeeth & Ramkrishna Prem Vihar

During 2010-12, PCCA supported Bodhipeeth-home for mentally challenged with basic necessities like food, toiletry, clothing & bedding for mentally challenged (50) inmates. Helped in repairing work of the shelter and provided television for recreation and relaxation of inmates. 

In 2010-11, donated clothing, furniture, medical supplies, books, toys, musical & electronic equipment to Ram Krishna PremVihar for distribution to the poor and the needy. 

Support To Children In Kashmir

PCCA supported Baseera e Tabasum home in Kupwara District of Kashmir for providing basic amenities like food, water and clothes to 25 orphan children residing in the home. The home sheltered children affected by Terrorism in the area but were not financially able to continue the support.

PCCA sent warm cloths and cash to the organization and under supervision the cash was utilized to buy filter, blankets, and utensils to cook. 

Members of the Trust

kamalika bhattacharjee
Kamalika Bhattacharjee

One of the pioneering news readers in Kolkata Doordarshan, she is an advertising and marketing professional. Today she is a dedicated Pranic Healer and trainer.

deven doshi
Managing Trustee

Since childhood we were always taught that we should always help irrespective of who they are which included humans as well as animals. At PCCA the help is not only extended to fellow human beings but to also animals and plants as well.


In a world of strife and confusion, there is a need to look within to purify oneself and a need to look outward to see where help can be offered. That is the reason why I have come to PCCA as this satisfies both my needs – to help and to be helped.


Joining PCCA and to be part of it is to have personal satisfaction internally and to understand in deep the importance of service. The best part of PCCA is all members and needy are treated equally

Project Manager

The reason I feel such a connection with and my reason for being with PCCA is that it’s a group of people who are bound together by their need to make sense in a world which sometimes ceases to make so. People at PCCA are ready to pitch in with what ever kind of help is required be it monetary, material or holistic.


In my search for spiritual truths, I came across PCCA and found like minded people associated with it. I honor and prefer PCCA for the hard work and dedication its members have bestowed upon me in enhancing my Spiritual Development and bringing so many souls together on the path of Light


PCCA was more focused on small local groups of people or organizations where we could go and have a look and participate. We try to reach out to all living beings – be it plants, animals or humans and also covers all aspects of life.


I think, I was born to serve all living souls. Padmasambhava – sharanagati prayer gives me a good feel and PCCA has inspired me to actually do the same good work for those who need help.

Our Founder & Inspiration


A dynamic personality with multifarious interests, Vidisha Bhattacharjee was the founder of PCCA. Compassionate by nature, she was a special soul who got inspired by Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui and Guru Padmasambhava to translate “Goodwill” into “Will to do Good” through this organization.

An ardent Pranic Healer and a taker of Bodhisattva Vow, her motto was “Service” during her lifetime.

We drive our inspiration from the memory of her strength, commonsense, wisdom and practicality.

Vidisha Bhattacharjee


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Thank you for lending a helping hand wherever help is needed


17 Roy Street, Ground Floor, Kolkata - 700 020, West Bengal, India




Padmasambhava Centre For Charitable Activities
Regn. No. 7251 of year 2010 A.R.A III Kolkata

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